Quantx Group LLC and the Total Energy Enhancement System is the world-wide distributor of a “High Frequency” resonant energy mineral (silica dioxide-SiO2).  We have definable parameters in creating our energy products. It needs no other source of energy input to affect any applied-to situation.  Nor does it pollute.  This is the ultimate green energy. The silica dioxide (SiO2), which is piezoelectric in nature, is the carrier, or transporter, of the Electromagnetic Wave Energy. All forms of matter benefit from this energy.


Our goal and mission is to provide fuel efficiency, condition electrical production and usage, improve natural gas development, aid in the water purification processes and improve plant growth. We believe Quantx Energy, Total Energy Enhancement Solutions are one of the most vital “21st century evolutionary products” to enter the market. We envision a world operating more economically, efficiently and productive.  At Quantx Energy, we see this resulting in a more stable environment for all of us around the world.



It all Starts with Quantx

 We at Quantx Group LLC wish to welcome you to radiant waves of energy, resonating power, an emitting flow of endless energy, always there, forever radiant.  Our Total Energy Enhancement Solutions of High Frequency Resonant Electro-Magnetic Wave Energy is here for you.

The advantage of piezoelectric and electro-magnetic wave energy is that it is completely clean and renewable and is not harmful to any form of substance, organic or in-organic . Innovations in coming years will create systems that generate power at many different levels, the individual sources working together toward energy independence.

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