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  1. The Principles of Phonon and Photon

  2. Properties of Electromagetic Energy

  3. Opticlal Amplification

  4. The Faraday Effect and Kerr Effec

  5. Birefringence

  6. Electric Dipole

  7. Piezoelectric Model

  8. Crystaline Lattice

  9. The Path to Q

The Q Wave

The Quantum Dynamics of "Q"

 "Q": Not just any spark of energy, Its “Quantum Energy"

Now the question becomes, what is with this piece of rock. SiO2 to be exact. Within the next chapters, I hope to present a guided tour of the aspect of the Fundamental Dynamics of Q.  Follow along, be patient. The trail of explanation is really essential for one to grasp the reality of Q.


Understand that reading and understanding the complete document is not meant for everyone.  Patients, days of reading and comprehension are required to absorb the “Quantum” of data presented.

So what is Q.  The first time I felt Q it buzzed in my hand like the buzzer we used as kids to shake hands and scare some un-expecting friend with the zap. For some, it takes a few moments before one realizes that some radiant energy is emitting from Q. At some point they either begin to feel the energy. Others feel a tingling moving from their hands spreading up their arms. One suspect actually began to sweat and feel very warm after perhaps 5 minutes. Eventually with the proper quantity of Q, one may feel a tightening in the stomach, dizziness in the head, headache, coughing, or general feeling of queezy.


Underlying Principles Of

Quantx Q